January 10th, 2007

Here comes the pain again

So I spent this morning in the courtroom finally facing the small claims judge concerning the contractor who disappeared and left my kitchen torn apart (as I'm sure you've all seen by now)

God only knows what the outcome will be. I didn't get a good response. Not a bad one, but not a good one either. So without a signed contract, god only knows which way he will rule.

But my god, the creativity and brazenness of the lying that I observed was shocking in a clinical sense. I was totally blown away. After watching the contractor stumble around over some facts, it made me really glad I was on the truth side. It's much easier. Lying is too much work.

Part of me feels torn open, raw. Another part is glad its finally over and time to move on. I'm just praying I can get some of the money back.
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