September 25th, 2006

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Weekend of Sweetness and Light

I took Friday night off and chilled out with cmdrsuzdal. Silly silly scifi geekiness.

Saturday I ran over to Tachyon Publications anniversary party at Borderlands then back home to mount the rearsets on the bike, then race over the Temple Sophia for the Gnostic Mass. witchabroad was priestess, and I was the deacon.

On the way home I hooked up with kproche and bovil at Club Eight for some light banter. Met a ton of his friends, most of whom's names I have forgotten, except for a flattering and sweet boy named Andrew. Only with this crowd can the conversation lapse the rodeo, racing motorcycles and content management systems in the same paragraph :-)

Great way to end the evening.
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More sweetness and ... BONK.

I woke up Sunday morning to drama. Customers of my old company (Isite) weren't receiving e-mail, and they couldn't reach anyone at the new provider. I spent too long digging into this to fix the problem, and this cost me the time I intended to spend mounting the race fairing on the bike.

Immediately from here I raced over to meet with karisu_sama and didjiman to work on the design for their new website.

By the time I got home an issue concerning some charity accounts that Meer inherited when they bought the business had developed into a full political drama, so I spent the next 9 hours building out a new mail server for these charity accounts on my personal colo box. Off to sleep way too late to work on the bike or do the exercise I should be doing... or even getting enough sleep.

So I'm behind :-(
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