July 8th, 2006

Being Green.

It's so very nice to feel green. According to the inverter displays, my solar panels generated 45kw of power yesterday. Much more than I use in my home. Happy.
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racing, motorcycle

My first slick. Fun at last! What have I gotten myself into?

Tomorrow morning I'm going to spend some hours tuning up my beloved SV650 streetbike. I'm loading a SuperCorsa race tire on the front, and a SC2 slick on the rear. I'm going to tune her up, then spend the next three days tearing up the track on what has historically been my streetbike.

My EX500 is still in the shop, and I have nothing else to ride. And frankly, I'm thinking that its time to invest in an SV streetbike anyway. So this will be a test.

I've ridden the SV at Infineon and Thunderhill before -- but on street tires, and taking it easy. Street tires are okay, but they really don't handle extensive trail braking (braking while leaned over) very well. They just aren't made for that.

I have no such intentions this time. I've loaded $400 of race rubber on her, and I fully intend to ride the piss out of her. I want to see how much fun I can have on reasonably modern suspension, and wheels which aren't pinched by narrow rims.
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