June 18th, 2006

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Cheer, pass out. Repeat.

12.5 hours drive from Infineon raceway yesterday to Miller Motorsports park today. Thanks mostly to the 75mph speed limit all the way through Nevada and Utah.

I got to the park, got sold some grandstand seats for $50 (less than the $65 general admission) by someone who had extra tickets, and went searching for a hotel. Booked in Tooele and surrounding areas, I ended up all the way back in Salt Lake. But it was good. Showered, and went right back to the racetrack.

Great, great racing today. I sat in the shaded grandstand right in front of turn one. It was a nice view, but I'm going to see how it looks from the raised ground near turn 4 tomorrow. I kept passing out between races though ;-)

Now I'm off to catch up on sleep before tomorrow.
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