June 6th, 2006

Puddle I am

Spent yesterday at the track practicing for the upcoming race. This is going to be a hard race, given a tight bus stop with pretty much no room for passing. I was woefully slow, and it wasn't until late in the day that I started to pull it together.

That said, I think the exercise did me good. I feel a lot better, a lot more clear-headed.
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Go Vote!

Vote. Nuf said.

However, in reading through the election materials, it strikes me that I may need to create a website that just deals with inaccuracies in the statements. I doubt that most people read the actual legal text, and I'm very tired of seeing people make outright lies about what the legal text contains.

I don't know if A B or C are any good, but I'm voting entirely against the people who tried to lie to me in their arguments for or against the propositions. D is clearly a "read between the lines and see the gold in their eyes" initiative, vote No.
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