May 22nd, 2006

Memorial was nice / overwhelming

Saturday night's memorial for LeighAnn motogrrl was very nice, but a bit overwhelming. nitnorth, Caitlin and I got there early to set up. People started arriving right on our heels. I don't know offhand how many people ended up being there, but A LOT. LeighAnn would've been so flattered.

Mentally I was prepared for the memorial, but I wasn't prepared for the time warp/culture shock. Pretty much the entire cast from the early 90s OTO lodge showed up. I'd been thinking way back a bit on my own, but this really threw it in my face. I pretty much fell over.

Thankfully, witchabroad was there and she kindof took me in hand and gave me some quiet space and helped me regain focus. Really nice of her, given that our interactions to date have mostly only consisting of me teasing her. She's a very sweet person, and I totally appreciate her.
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Didn't go practice today - recuperating

I didn't go to motorcycle practice today. I woke up early, put things together ... and kept not getting ready. After the 5th struggle with myself to start getting out the door, I realized that I was just too emotionally exhausted and I really should take some time to myself and recuperate a bit.

So I'm taking a personal day to chill out, finish a book and clean my house.

Perhaps I can hook up with a friend for dinner. That would be nice.
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