May 17th, 2006

Leigh Ann is gone.

Most of you on my friends list know this already, so I'm going to talk now. (I dropped the name last night in hopes of not beating someone more eloquent and in touch to the punch). If you haven't seen what a dozen others have already reported on, look a my Friends page for news of motogrrl's death.

Leigh Ann is one of the bravest, strongest, most fearless people I've ever met. I wasn't her closest friend by a long shot, and I doubt she knew how much I admired her. But she had the ability to just Become. Become your friend, your lover, your closest ally. Fully and completely in a moment.

I'm not making anything up when I say that several of my favorite songs in this world she wrote, sang, performed or otherwise brought to me. The following is more apt to her than she may have known:

I hear where a mighty hero shouts in triumph to the skies,
fearless and invincible, whom all creation magnifies.
Heaven trembles at that laughter, hosts of angels all bow down;
trust in it, exult in it, to you belongs the crown.

Go on, go on in strength, and never turn aside --
Divinity, your destiny that cannot be denied.

- The Crown from Nuit's Mother Night LP
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I doubt Leigh Ann lost control of her bike.

Just in case any of you believed the Contra Costa Times story, I'm letting you know that it is likely an excuse, and not reality.

I've seen dozens of accidents where the driver claimed he "wasn't doing anything" and the motorcycle "inexplicably" crashed into them. Like this video made by an acquaintance. The driver tried to claim he stopped normally and had no idea why the motorcycle crashed into him.

My accident last year, where a driver pulled out of 10mph traffic into the 50 mph carpool lane - without using her turn signal. I literally had the bike on its front wheel, locked up, when I slid into her. She claimed no idea how she could be at fault for the accident. Thankfully I had several witnesses, and I was able to tell my side of the story. Leigh Ann obviously had no such option.

Leigh Ann is fierce and competitive, but on the bike she's always ridden stable and safe. She's also been riding for many, many, many years and she's not stupid. Someone isn't telling the truth. Unfortunately we'll never know.
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