May 8th, 2006

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Race Results

4th - Mod Thunder
3rd - Trophy Dash
3rd - Formula Extreme

And ... 4th place in my very first race on a two-stroke in Super 50. I'm actually a little disappointed in 4th. The winner was someone who I was chasing, caught and passed in practice. And he fell down trying to catch me. I think that when race time came, he was ready to rock and I'm still not quite comfy enough on the bike to push. But they didn't run away from me, just inched out a few feet each lap. Looks good for future battles.

Mod Thunder I set up behind Jordan, made a pass and then he got me back. I studied his lines and waited for the last few laps to make a push. Unfortunately we started lapping the backmarkers, and I just couldn't go 3 wide in the last turn to put that pass together.

Troph Dash was the same thing. Devon checked out, and Joran and I swapped back and forth a few times. I set up my last pass perfectly and got held up by a backmarker that tried to race me into a corner. Dude, you're a whole lap down! This is not your race!

Formula Extreme: I am VERY happy with this finish. Bryan ran away on his horsepower hog as expected. A 40lb kid on an extreme-class bike held on for second. Jordan and I battled for third. This time, no waiting. I made the pass. He took it back. I made it again, he took it back. I saw us approaching backmarkers, put my head down and got past him and put the backmarker between us for the finish.

The most excellent news is that I passed two people who I wouldn't be surprised if they beat me. Val is riding his TTR125 but with the much better 17-inch wheels. The bike is a lot more stable, and last month I was happy to hold onto him. I think after the previous races my blood was up, and I just WANTED it enough that he couldn't stand in my way this time.
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