December 20th, 2005

data packets can bounce off each other

I think this is brilliant. I see an advertisement on a tv show I'm watching for Amp'd Mobile. So I go to check out their website. I get a menu on the top, but the main content area gives me a "Page Not Found" error message. Sweet. So I check out what little of their website does work. Thankfully, the link to send a technical support e-mail does work. So I drop them a note about the home page failing. Here is what I get back:

Subject: Re: broken home page <<#211-301#>>
Date: December 20, 2005 6:39:32 AM PST

Thanks for your email.

Our apologies for not being able to access the page. I can assure you that our page is working fine. You may have experienced a blip on the net. I'm sure this was not the first time you've gone to a web page and saw that it was not found but when you reloaded it or hit F5 (refresh key) and it would appear again. This may sound strange but the internet occasionally does have "packet collisions" just like cars, data packets can bounce off each other and not get to it's proper destination.

Wow. First you insult my intelligence (uh, I do this for a living -- check your web logs and get a clue) and then you give me some completely fabricated amusing story about Internet packets bouncing off each other. hehehehheeeee!!

My god, imagine if this was true: I'm sorry, your Skype telefone call was run over by a porn download. Redial? hahahaaaa!!
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