October 30th, 2005

Weekend finish

We went to Christopher Creek again for their Dueling Zins special, chatted with the owner and others - picked up yet another Viognier and Port from them. Then we went south to the Ports of Call route. I forget all of the places we stopped, but we absolutely fell in love with Kaz Winery. It's a small shop, a family affair. But one of the best ports (20-year old Tawny) I've ever tasted in my life, and some of the nicest people. We love them.

We picked up a few other ports, but I forget the names right now. An Australian Maduro port comes to mind.

The last place we went was another good impression - Loxton Wines at the England vineyard. The Englands are fine, friendly people and Chris is making some distinctive wines. I thought we had a few too many Zinfandels, but this was too promising to leave behind.

We arrived in Sonoma right at 5pm, way too late for the Day of the Dead festival.

Then we rolled slowly back to San Francisco, savoring the week in our minds.
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I love my country...

Alright, my personal award for the best bumper sticker I've seen this year, doubled with the best use of double entendre I've seen all year goes to this stick on the back of a Honda Prius this morning.

I love my country...

    but I think we should start seeing other people.

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