October 26th, 2005

Stumbling around silly

We started our day at Foppiano which was nice but not spectacular. They did have a nice blush Zinfandel for nearly nothing that we picked up a few liters of.

Next was our real target, Cristopher Creek. Not only did we fall for the Viognier and Petite Sirah, but we bought their Petite Sirah Port untasted. We also ended up joining their wine club. They really had the strongest lineup we've tasted. On the way out the door we ran into Chris, the winemaker there and also half of Amicitia. We're hoping to spend some time with him on Thursday.

Based on John's recommendation, we went directly to the Acorn Winery -- a small mom & pop winery just down the road. Fairly unique in that their wines are all from grapes grown on their own plot of land right there. They had a number of very interesting wines, but we fell hard for a spectacular Sangiovese.

We stopped for food in downtown Healdsburg. We had excellent advice from a girl at the very well stocked cheese counter at Oakville Grocery. Then we headed out to Lambert Bridge for lunch. We ate thinly slice beef, salmon and walnut bread with Cowgirl Creamery's Pierce Point cheese and the aromatic Viognier from Lambert Bridge. There's nothing better than liberal amounts of good company, sun, liquor and a beautiful backdrop. We also ran away with a bottle of Lambert Bridge's Bacchi Wineyards Old Vine Cuvée.

We wrapped up the day at Mill Creek, where we snatched up 2 of the last 10 bottles of their Gewurztraminer, a bottle of their Dry Creek Zinfandel, and a not-too-buttery Dry Creek Reserve Chardonnay.
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