October 24th, 2005


España and I are on vacation in the far off land of ... Sonoma! Yes, we drove a whole hour to get here <giggle>

So, bad Californians that we are, we've never made it up here before. Could those of you more clued in share some hints about good places to go? Which are the best wineries to see and such? (Kevin? Andy? would love to hear your thoughts, gods of the grape that you are...)
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Quite a bit poorer, but very pleased.

We wandered down to Guerneville this morning for breakfast, and breezed through the shops and gay bars. Very queer town! Nice place, good people. Then we got our taste buds wet hitting a few wineries on the way home from there.

The first stop was Porter Creek which turns out to be not only Organic, but Bio-Dynamic. And makers of some damn fine Syrah. And a downright decadent Viognier.

David Bynum was the next stop, but we went from wine to wine wondering how rude we would be to leave halfway through. The staff was nice, but the wines were ... missing something. Or a lot.

Our very last stop was Arista. They weren't on the map, we literally stumbled across them just after 5pm. They closed at 5pm, but welcomed us anyway. And DAMN was that a good choice. They're place is new - still under construction, but beautiful regardless. They welcomed us to come back for a picnic lunch and we plan to. Although I'm not certain we can afford much food after the dent in our wallet from this place. From a dry, fruity NOT desert-wine Gewurztraminer to a sweet and crisp Sauvignon Blanc, then off to one of the best Zinfandels I have ever tasted. I'm really not a fan of Zinfandel wines, but their Pine Mountain Zinfandel will literally rock you in your shoes. Wow.

Porter Creek makes excellent wines that make us feel that happy Organic, Free Trade, yummy consumer feeling too. But Arista makes you feel like an audience to a master chef, each wine a masterpiece in the making.
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