July 7th, 2005


I hate drivers. I've been complaining and yelling in my mind about bad, incompetent and frankly insane drivers for a long, long time. But last night takes the cake.

I was driving home on 580 from Stockton with the small bike on the trailer, and cars are FLYING past me, swerving in and out of traffic. I'm just hunched down, being steady and hoping to get to the bridge soon. Next thing I feel something slam into the trailer. I cut speed and look back just in time to see the trailer snap its chains and go sailing off across the highway. Some idiot hit the trailer.

Frankly, I think I was phenomonally lucky. Nobody hit the trailer. No kids died with a trailer arm or bike handlebar sticking out of their forehead. I was able to get the trailer towed home on a flatbed for a mere $250. The bike appears to be just fine.

But my annoyance with bad drivers now has a really strong focus. I'm really glad that I don't own any firearms. Er... scratch that. A lot of other people should be really glad I don't own firearms. I, myself, think it's about damn time I did.
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