June 14th, 2005

racing, motorcycle

race results from Sunday

2nd place in Novice Mod 50
3rd place in Modified Thunder
3rd place in Vet Thunder
4th place in Unlimited Thunder

I'm a bit disappointed with my results, mostly because I was easily within reach of one place better on all four, but it's nice to have the trophies. Need to find more places to put them all, or they'll end up in boxes :-(
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racing, motorcycle

Woah... are we ready for this?

So, tonight I'm leaving for one of the first truly new experiences for me in a long time. A big bike race. Not a knee down at 70 miles per hour, but at 120 instead. 2+ minute laps instead of 40 second laps. 10+ minute races.

Tomorrow is a Keigwin's track day at Thunderhill. Thursday I'm on my own, but I'll see if I can score a spare spot at Zoom Zoom track day. Friday and Saturday are AFM practices, and Sunday is my first big bike race. Three races, actually...

Race #1 450 Superbike
Race #4 500 Twins
Race #7 Formula IV

Am I really ready? Can I make it through 4 days of practice without dumping the bike and ending up going home the slow way? Can I get the extra 7 seconds off my track time I really need to be having fun mid-pack like I want? no, no vain fantasies of winning races here...
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