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Jo Rhett

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The hard, long fade...

Sometimes I think I am only made to struggle.

I honestly feel like my riding is improving, but it seems that everything I do screws up something else.

I was pushing on the outside bar while in the turn, that's bad. I work hard on getting a light touch there, and I find that I've moved my body back to the inside in doing so.

Someone points out that I need to drop my inside elbow and get my head up and looking farther ahead. Damn good advice that pays off right away. But somehow I'm now cranking my head into an uncomfortable position.

Put both together, and I'm holding my body farther to the inside and cranking my head around in an uncomfortable position. Nice.

Part of me feels like an idiot who just can't get it right. This is hardly surprising, given that I have never learned to whistle, no matter how hard I tried. Another part of me says that I'm now reaching the balancing point that makes one a really good rider. That doing this part well (which is working well with and not against the machine) is what every really good rider has to find.

But it's frustrating.

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