Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Just got back from Vysehrad Castle

Against all advice I ignored the metro and bus and walked all the way through New Town then Old Town to Praha 2 and up the hill to Vysehrad Castle. I don't know why they insisted I should take transit. It was a rather nice walk of maybe 3 km, and I got to see the New Town Hall and the university arboretum on the way.

The castle appears to be on the highest point on this side of the river, and offered spectacular views in all directions. There was a beautiful neo-gothic church in the castle grounds with a history dating back to the first king of Prague who got tired of the local Bishop and built his own church and got his own line right to the Pope.

I would offer you pictures, but alas, Olympus data port is almost but not quite exactly a mini-usb port so you'll have to get those tomorrow.

Now I'm packing up all my clothing and getting ready to fly home tomorrow. Yeah now, so that when I stumble home tonight I don't have to be sober enough to do it then.

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