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Frustration is the dance, the only dance...

If it isn't one thing, it's another. 2 days at Thunderhill on my newly rebuilt engine, with the new solid motor mounts to improve chassis handling. Fun fun fun.

Monday... not so much. Pouring rain all day. It dried out a bit later in the day and I got about 20 laps in, but they were SLOW and careful laps. Well, careful enough. I was one of the fastest in the wet, but that's still SLOW. Then it started pouring HARD so I packed it in and went for a shower/nap/bite.

Tuesday... starts off gloomy, and then the day got better and better and better. By mid-afternoon it was sunny, blue skies. Happy? Uh... no. The bike started overheating, and there was oil all over the engine and my boots. Not good. I cleaned up the oil and rechecked - it was coming from the head gasket. Just a drop here and there, but with the engine going to boiling every time I ran her around the track there clearly was another problem.


I feel okay with this. I got some damn good advice from John Daly before we noticed the engine problems, and good stuff to think about and work on. But I really would have preferred to have the remainder of the day to work on his advice and get my body positioning worked out.
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