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Race Results

It rained and rained. A bit of dry for the first heat, and then pouring rain for the remainder. Results weren't bad tho:

4th in Mod Thunder
3rd in Trophy Dash
2nd in Unlimited Thunder

In Mod Thunder,I started from the fourth row. I got a horrible start, and was last into turn one. I had to go all the way through the pack to get on the front row for the main. It was nice encouragement to see how easy that was, however. But the three in front of me were the real threat anyway ;-)

In the main I got a bad start again, and had to go past several people. At this point the leading three had made a 50-meter gap I had to make up pronto. I put my head down and pulled them in within 3 laps. Bryan had checked out, but Val and Devon were an easy catch. Unfortunately, Val saw me come up, and started using real tight and defensive lines. I tried a few passes, but Val played Chicken and counted on me backing off to avoid a crash. Which I did.

Right about then, the rain really started coming down. I considered, and decided to avoid a crash. It's a long season, and if I caught them this easily today then I could make up the points later. I backed off enough to ride clear, but stayed hard on Val just in case he made a mistake. But he rode it clean to the flag, so I only got 4th.

Trophy Dash and Unlimited Thunder were nearly identical. Bryan, Jordan and I got out front at the start. Bryan checked out, while Jordan and I competed for second. I was faster today, but I was unable to get around him in Trophy Dash. In Unlimited Thunder I got past him and checked out.
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