Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Rumors of KLM's decline are ... well, just plain wrong.

So I used to fly back and forth to Europe a few years back on KLM and loved every flight. Recently a number of people who travel more often than me said that KLM had become even worse than Lufthansa, after we shared a particularly bad Lufthansa flight from SFO to Frankfurt with no air conditioning and no visible service.

Thankfully, their experience doesn't match mine. Once again I found KLM's seats to fit my tall torso quite well, their staff to be observant, attendant and polite ... and the food the best I've ever had on a flight. The air flow and light controls all worked (unlike Lufthansa) and their media choices were the best I've ever seen, including many free options. (Unlike United, which makes you pay to see flight status) In addition, all of the food implements were clearly recycled and recyclable and/or compostable. I'm very happy with KLM's service and intend to use them whenever possible.

Caveot: this plane had a weird thing where the arms between the seats only raised to 45 degrees, which made it quite difficult to maneuver around in the seats. Once in the seats I was quite comfortable (flying economy!) but they really should fix this problem. I rather enjoy snugging up close to shodoshan during long flights, and this arm would really have annoyed me if she was there.

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