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A day spent spinning wheels...

Well, actually, spinning wheels in a good sense. Today was Keigwin's Customer Appreciation Day, which means a free Infineon trackday. Nice! I'll grab my race bike and ... um, not so much. My ex500's engine is still being rebuilt... that wasn't finished on time. Nor were my race tires shipped to me on time. Thus, I ended up taking the turn signals off my street bike, putting my old (crashed from last year) fairings on it, and riding that.

Hm. Let's see. Street tires are effectively hard/hard, and they're really not made for excessive lean angles. I'm used to running super-soft tires that are made to heat up and stick, with treads on top but slick on the sides for more grip.

Double that with "How do I get to work if I crash my street bike?" and let's say that the strategy for today was Nice and easy does it.

I did succeed in practicing looking farther through the corner, and somewhat better at relaxing the outside arm. And I think I was running circa-2:05s, which aren't that bad given my lack of desire to push the limits. (Although I did find the limits of the BT-014s in the Carousel, and while trail braking. Managed to keep it upright and just let off a bit sooner in both cases...)

You can click on the small pictures to see the full size version. If you're sneaky you can remove the filename from the URL and browse the directory full of other pictures...

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