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I wouldn't buy anything from InterPage

InterPage is a company that provides e-mail to SMS, TAP to SMS and related messaging services. I'm not going to link to them here, because I'm going to clearly state that they appear to be completely incapable of pulling their head out of their nether regions. Don't buy anything from these idiots unless you really have nothing better to do with your time than waste it on educating them.

First problem was that they promised a local dialup number for us to use. We're in Mountain View, they're in Mountain View. 650 number, right? Yep. But after we signed up they gave us a phone number in New York. And we had to argue for a week to get a number assigned out here, which they complained bitterly about.

Next, I'm not impressed with their organization. Every time I have talked with them on the phone they have tested some other service than the one we are buying, or give me answers to unrelated services. 90% of the time I've spent on the phone with them has been directed to help them understand the service we have purchased. It's not my job to train their staff.

Now, they've been having e-mail problems where they aren't receiving my e-mail to support. They keep blaming it on our mail servers, even after I've sent them mail logs showing receipt on their server. E-mail to individuals works fine, it's just "support" mail that gets lost AFTER it is accepted by their servers. But they aren't interested in investigating this.

So I sent the e-mail directly to our account contact. He says that I have to call in for "real-time diagnosis" of what I've cleared shown in the e-mail as a coding/implementation problem. This means sitting on hold for a minimum 20 minutes, hitting "1" every 30 seconds or I am disconnected. Then waiting another 20-30 minutes to actually get service. Since I am involved in physical access and other things which call me away from my desk, this means repeated and repeated phone calls.

Today, I spent 3 hours trying to get through. I kept getting called away and disconnected. I finally got through. I explained that I'm happy to schedule time to chat with the appropriate resource, but I don't want to waste time describing the problem to them on the phone. First of all, these problems always involve log files that I don't want to read over the phone. Second, they always have to have a clueful person call me back anyway. I am unwilling to waste many hours for a simple problem report.

I asked for this to be escalated past my contact to his boss. I explained very clearly that I'd be happy to do realtime diagnosis of any problem, but I wanted to make sure I was talking to the right person in advance. And his boss has assured my contact that they ONLY will assist us from the phone. They won't even read the problem report I've mailed them a dozen or so times now.

I've spent 5 hours just communicating with him, and they haven't even read the e-mail report of the problem yet. And in total I've spent roughly 90 hours working on the Interpage account, and we still don't have a working solution. It's just not worth the pain.

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