Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Practice was good.

Practice was good but hard work. It was very hot, so I wanted to spend all of my time laying in my car relaxing in the air conditioning, but unfortunately my bikes needed a lot of work.

I spent most of the day testing my superstock bike. I kept running out of front suspension travel, but every time I stiffened up the front, the back would start to cut loose. It became a balancing game. I got a little faster every time, but not by much.

In comparison, my superbike felt wonderful right out the door. I swapped the throttle for a 1/5th turn and that felt awesome too. I actually had to remove some stiffness from the front, but that was it. It just went go.

And I stayed upright all day, no trips on the ground this time -- first time this season. That's a nice change.
Tags: motorcycle, racing

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