Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Utter Fail: communicating with an editor

So I've always been very careful to avoid stalking editors, following them into bathrooms or trying to hand them manuscripts at conferences. I also never approach editors when they are having dinner with others or sitting at a table with a book or their laptop. They got business to do. I Get It, and would hate having that done to me.

Unfortunately today I apparently made a similar mistake without realizing it. I had an query for casacorona about a continuation of what had been a really interesting topic at a panel at the Phoenix Westercon. After the Editor/Writer panel where she and jaylake had interviewed each other, I saw her in the hallway and walked up and said hi and broached the topic.

Add to the list: an editor walking down the hallway after a panel might already be doing business again. Or something, because her response was crisp enough that I knew quite clearly both that this conversation was highly unlikely to occur, and don't bother sending her any manuscripts. I had clearly crossed the wrong line.

I'm not entirely certain what I did wrong, but approaching editors outside of panels is definitely off the list of things I'll be doing in the future.
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