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Jo versus the Mountain

Well, not actually. Just Jo on the Mountain. It was very wet. No, not that. Don't go there.

I went skiing for the first time in ten million years. It was nice. I learned how much I had forgotten, but I also had to deal with powder (which I'm still a novice at) that was wet (aka Sierra Cement). It was amusing when my goggles would get wet from the rain, I'd miss a transition from groomed to wet powder... dig my tips into the powder and somersault. Yes, amusing for others ;-) But I laughed a lot too.

Morning kindof sucked. There was lots of fresh snow yay! but it was raining and so it created the famous Sierra Cement. The backside (the fast side) was unusable for me, given that I was having trouble navigating in this.

So I did a half-dozen or so runs down the blue/groomed stuff on the front side. I got happy with my memories and was going way too fast for the kids around me, so I went off to figure out how to play properly in the wet powder. That was a mixed result, but I think I got better. I was thinking about lunch when I realized that one of the backside trails (Burnout) had gotten beated down (skiier-grooming!!) and I could play there. So I took my new lern'in and went to play in the steep stuff. Harder, but fun.

After lunch it had cooled off a bit, so the snow was fluffy and the rain was now snow drifting down. I had a great time running down Burnout until my legs started to warn me that enough was enough. So I went back to the frontside and did a few runs there too. Fast, way too fast for the newbie slopes. I'm a bad man...

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