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Missing the point in deadly style.

Okay, I am definitely prone to missing the point sometimes. So yeah, pot calling kettle. But I am simply overcome by the point of view expressed by this individual.

I am catching up on back news on my DVR. The girl who was babysitting the toddler struck and killed by a train is apparently overcome by the horror of what the situation has done to her. I'm looking a screen frozen on my DVR (~tivo) where she has scratched the following on a piece of paper held up for the camera in a jailroom interview: (spelling and capitalization is her own)

This is hard to deal with when the protagonist is really innocent. After all, The public nor any one else can hardly concive the hardships jail can inflict. Enduring this captivity and drama when you're actually innocent of the crime you've been accused of is nearly incomprehensible. But some people I've noticed find great storytelling born out of such injustice.

Yes, jail is rough. Yes, it's traumatic. Yes, it's a horrible situation to be in. I've made mistakes that brought me into jail myself, and I agree that it sucks. But I think she's missed her own place in this. This isn't about cruelty done to her. She isn't the biggest loser in this situation. And she really doesn't get it. And it really shows in her prepared statement:

I'm only human. I'm not God. I can't ask a train to stop. Do I feel responsible? No. Not for his death.

And what does the future hold? I don't know. What is the implication of her final statement above about storytelling? Is she hoping to get 15 minutes of fame, a book deal...? Oh hell.

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