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Skins are coming along

The bike and skins are coming along just fine. I felt overwhelmed with the to-do list on Friday, but shodoshan came over and has been incredible helpful.

We're keeping luckinspades's design for the Superstock bike, just redoing the front fairing and tailsection for white number plates inside a yellow border.

shodoshan helped me cut 2 inches width out of the e-racing fairing (which I kept dragging on the right side last year) and she did her first fiberglass project, making a solid bottom and creating a right side completely from cloth and fiberglass goo.

shodoshan also thought up a new design for the Superbike, using sparkle green on the bottom and sparkle blue on the top to match a new tank I have.

I'm nowhere close to done, but thanks to a long, hard day yesterday I just might finish this evening.
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