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Android G1 phone much better than reviews would indicate

So after losing my Treo 680 and well, I really wanted an iPhone but I knew that some things weren't perfect with it... I decided to give T-Mobile their only chance of keeping me, and give 30 days of testing on the Android G1 phone.

It turns out that I love the G1. It's the best phone I've had in years - as in, like actually Making Phone Calls it's got better signal and better call quality than any Treo I've owned, and better than an iPhone. There's already like 1200 applications for it, and especially including an SSH client (something the iPhone still doesn't have). It uses straight Java, so it's pretty easy to make applications for it.

Yes, there are some downsides to it and even one truly boneheaded mistake. But so far, I like it more than I like the iPhone, even after playing with both of them side by side for a few hours. That's mostly because I like the physical keyboard better, but there are some things in the UI which are much better thought out. (and some things which aren't)

I'll be posting a bit later about specific good things and specific issues. I'll tag those specifically so they are easy to avoid. For now, I have a bunch of links on my website on where to find the best Android this-and-that at
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