Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Lazy Day

Today we ate at the breakfast buffer - too expensive but it was free today - and then listened to a short spiel about upgrading my timeshare. After breaking the poor salesman's heart, Kayla and I played in the pool for a bit, then Krys joined us to hang out at the beach until lunchtime.

After I did some wavecrashing with Kayla, Krys joined us to walk down the beach (about 2 miles) to Playa Bruja. We had an excellent lunch there, then ran off to a secluded cove I had found on my last visit. After playing in the sand and trying to get some pictures of a beautiful, dignified pelican standing on the rocks above us, we stumbled back to the restaurant for some Flan and dancing Rhumba.

Finally we walked back along the beach to our resort. Kayla teased me back into the Pool until we closed them down, and then we collapsed in our room. Not much got done today, but it was a good day nonetheless.
Tags: vacation

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