Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Loscon was nice...

I was *supposed* to be work Ops for Loscon, but somehow they "forgot" to add me to the mailing list, and "didn't see" my repeated e-mails asking for what we'd be doing this year. I doubt, but that's okay. I was pretty happy to just enjoy the Con...

I only went to three panels: a panel about nuclear propulsion in space ships, and two about costuming. Yum. I could say a lot more about how the second panel (Costuming for Body Type) was taken over and run away by Janet Wilson Anderson, but it was amusing more than bad ;-) Especially watching Colleen Crosby's eyes roll up into her head on a fairly regular basis.

Had a nice chat with Virginia Hey (was Zhaan on Farscape) on Sunday.

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