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summary/notes from weekend races

I was a full 4 seconds a lap faster than I was at the same track in April. This is a significant improvement. This is as good, or better, than I had hoped to accomplish. I really wanted to get below 1:30 a lap, and actually every lap was down in the low 1:29s with a dozen or so laps in the 1:28s. If you had told me that before I went, I would have proclaimed victory in my mind.

Unfortunately, my competition did even better. Lexx was doing 1:25s in the Formula 2 race (that's a race-winning pace even as an Expert) and Christie was able to be just a tenth of a second faster than me consistently throughout the weekend. I beat her in the Solo Endurance, but she beat me in both Formula 2 (herself, no help) and Superbike - although I really thought I had something for her in that race, if Zoran hadn't held me up.

So what went wrong? Well, there is an unfortunate list:

* Not enough sleep leading up to the event. This is entirely my Own Damn Fault.

* Couldn't get my head out of my tail in Saturday practice enough to realize the suspension was really farged, and what to do about it. This is likely due to lack of sleep. This left me making suspension changes just prior to the race and working on the hope and pray method.

* Didn't validate the suspension setup prior to the race. This was Just Plain Dumb. I failed to put it on my todo list, and completely forgot about it. I lost a lot of time from something I could have prevented with 15 minutes worth of effort a week before.

* Didn't bring a track map to make notes on. I've really got to start doing that. It has before helped me work out the issues I'm having quicker than just rolling it around in my brain.
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