Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

2nd in SMRRC 2-hour Endurance Race

Talk about a long game of chess. I went out with Ernie to do battle, and we put the rest of the field down 3-4 laps before our 1 hour session was up. We rolled off the track 20 feet apart.

Mike was my second session rider, and he was better than Ernie's nephew, so we got another 3 laps ahead during the final hour. Unfortunately, one of the teams that was 6 laps down at the time put their fastest rider on last (Elena Myers, a 14-year old racing phenom) and she put us 5 laps down to win the race by 1 lap.

Yes, if you can count there is a discrepancy there. But that is how the laps were counted, and I didn't think it was worth arguing about. (I mentioned it to the race director, but didn't file a protest ... partially because it was possible I was off by one, and partially because Elena was his daughter and it wasn't much likely to go anywhere)

1 hour of non-stop fast laps is hard. REALLY HARD. I could barely move my arms for the 30 minutes after I got off the bike. I had no energy. I went home and slept for 11.5 hours.
Tags: motorcycle, racing

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