Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

3 podiums in final SMRRC Sprint Races

2nd in Expert Trophy Dash
2nd in Vet Formula Extreme
3rd in Mod Thunder

Expert Trophy Dash I got 2nd only because I got an excellent start. There were three people in the class faster than me that day, but I was second into Turn 1 and the guy behind me stayed close enough to pretty much block up the 2 fast, fast kids who rightfully should have been 2nd and 3rd place. The race ended early when one of the kids crashed and the other ran over him. (nobody was hurt, the kid was up and gridded for the very next race)

Vet Formula Extreme I had first row seats on a hard-fought battle between Bryan and a new guy. I sat just far enough back to not get collected when the new guy crashed - which he did on the penultimate lap, and I just kept Ernie behind me to finish 2nd.

Mod Thunder I was 2nd into turn 1 behind Dan and today I had nothing for him. I could hold to him, but couldn't put a pass together. I lost the front and then the rear on the hard right hander onto the back straight and lost 20 feet. Bryan came by and we caught back up to Dan, but he couldn't get by and I did a long 20foot slide when I lost the front again at the end of the back straight, so I gave up and cruised home in 3rd place with a healthy margin back to 4th.
Tags: motorcycle, racing

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