Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

1000cc is just ... cheating.

After lunch I suckered someone into letting me run their GSXR1000 around the track for a few laps. It was GP(reverse)-shift so I had to focus carefully on shifting, while trying not to get too eager with the throttle. I really only have a few thoughts:

1. Unlike my bikes which really only generate power in the last 1000rpm before redline, this bike has power everywhere. Forget to downshift? No problem. It's ridiculously easy to wheelie all the way down the front straight. As a track day bike, it's... just cheating. It's too easy to go fast.

2. Because of all that power on the real wheel, it *always* felt like the rear was giving it up. It might have been a tired old tire, or just that I've never loved Dunlops, or maybe the suspension was off. But I really had to be careful when opening the throttle.

3. 170mph down the front straight was exhilarating.

Once I got comfortable, I started chasing the A-group guys around the track. And pretty soon I realized I was pushing the front into corners, and spinning up the rear on the exit chasing people down. Uh... not so smart. So I brought the bike back in and returned it safely in one piece, hoping to get a chance to do this again sometime.
Tags: motorcycle, racing

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