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Woah... are we ready for this?

So, tonight I'm leaving for one of the first truly new experiences for me in a long time. A big bike race. Not a knee down at 70 miles per hour, but at 120 instead. 2+ minute laps instead of 40 second laps. 10+ minute races.

Tomorrow is a Keigwin's track day at Thunderhill. Thursday I'm on my own, but I'll see if I can score a spare spot at Zoom Zoom track day. Friday and Saturday are AFM practices, and Sunday is my first big bike race. Three races, actually...

Race #1 450 Superbike
Race #4 500 Twins
Race #7 Formula IV

Am I really ready? Can I make it through 4 days of practice without dumping the bike and ending up going home the slow way? Can I get the extra 7 seconds off my track time I really need to be having fun mid-pack like I want? no, no vain fantasies of winning races here...

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