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Man, Woman, ... or Minority?

What the fuck? Okay, so I know that the Republicans think they are Gods, but are we really going so far backwards that they can get away with saying this in public?

Senator Trent Lott: I want the president to look across the country and find the best man, woman or minority that he can find...

What's worse, I've found that he's said the same thing several times in several places. It's not just a mis-statement. He seems to think this is some accurate reflection of reality. Minorities are some lesser class, apparently.

You can hear it for yourself here. Then you can find transcripts of his comments to Scarborough Country and on CNN Breaking News.

Okay, so this happened a few days ago and I just found out. Sorry, my bad. But

1. How are the Republicans getting away with this?

2. Why hasn't Lott resigned by now?

3. Why isn't the government in chaos about this?

4. Where are the riots in the streets?

Dude, where the fuck is my country? Stop the bus, I want off. *NOW*

Edited: an hour later I removed "the fuck" and "fucking" from every other sentence in my original post. It conveyed my anger but diluted the content.
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