Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

2nd Place in Formula 2

I got a decent start for this race, and quickly found myself battling hard with two 80lb kids on 125s. Deion Campbell had my number and got past me and got away (taking the win in Novice by 10 seconds). Dusty (an expert) and I battled (2-3 lead changes per lap) all the way to the end. On the last lap I went (too) fast into turn 12 off the back straight, pushed the front and had to save the bike on my knee. Dusty slipped past and I was unable to pull it together enough to get a run past him to the finish line (lost by 1/4 of a second)

2nd place sucks, but I really didn't have Deion's pace. I'm fairly pleased with being able to hold him off for 2 laps. And I beat Lex Hartl, 2nd place in the championship -- widening the gap to 13 points. This means that 8th place or better (at the finish line -- no crashing!) at the final race would win the championship.
Tags: motorcycle, racing

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