Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

1st in Twins Superbike - *almost* cinched championship

I got an absolutely horrid start, wheelie off the line and had to make it up on the long run and dive into turn 3. I beat all the novices thankfully, but got stuck behind Shandra -- who is usually fast, but didn't have enough practice this weekend. I almost passed her on the back straight but she slammed the door shut and I ended up rolling off hard to avoid hitting her. I got her on the banking just past the finish line, and then tried to make up the 10 second gap the lead pack had already opened up.

Unfortunately, my next run through the technical infield I hit one of the plastic, fake tiger teeth and left my left kneepuck behind me. Unable to put my left knee down (no feeler gauge), I was forged to give up chasing the lead pack and went just fast enough to beat the novices and slower experts by several seconds.

While not the chase/battle I would have preferred (I hate racing alone in between two groups) I did what I came to do -- win the race, and widen the points gap back to 2nd place. In fact, I succeeded better than I hoped. The only two individuals with enough points to beat me got 4th and 6th respectively. This means I've won the championship unless I don't show up at the last race *AND* Michael wins the race - at which point we'll be tied.
Tags: motorcycle, racing

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