Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

1st in Superstock Novice, 2nd overall

I got a good start and passed half the experts on the long run down to turn 3. I caught 3rd place on the back straight and outbraked him into turn 12. On the following lap I caught 2nd place on the banking and tried to follow him into turn 1. The fool braked, no kidding, on a full throttle DOWNHILL off the banking turn. I had to pick my bike up and run off the track (on the nice pavement thankfully) and then pull back in behind him. On the next lap I drafted past him by the finish line, flew through turn 1 with the throttle wide open and left him far behind.

I finished 1st in Superstock Novice, cinching the championship with one race remaining.

Even better, I beat the 2nd place Expert to finish 2nd overall.
Tags: motorcycle, racing

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