Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

1st in LWT Superbike

Finally there was no Tryg Westby sandbagging in the Novice class, so the race was on. Unfortunately this time I got a good start, but had to pick the bike up and almost run off when a novice came hairball-flying past inside me in the first turn. I got back on the throttle but entered Dreamboat almost dead last.

At this point I put my head down and started reeling in riders. I got 2 on the entry to the Black Rock Hairpin, and split between two riders (one wide and one tight) in Right Hook, got a third by keeping the throttle open longer through Witchcraft and blocked her on the entry to 1st Attitude.

By this point Michael Manner #99 (2nd in points and my chief rival at this point) had checked out 2-3 seconds ahead. I put my head down and reeling him in. Once I caught him, it was obvious I'd be able to make the pass so I bypassed a hard pass in Dreamboat or Scream and just did a (much more polite) block pass in the Black Rock Hairpin.

I did my fastest lap of the weekend trying to create a gap to make sure I didn't have to battle with him, and crossed the line with 3 seconds between us.
Tags: motorcycle, racing

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