Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

high speed chess (1st in Solo Endurance)

The solo endurance race turned out as a battle from beginning to end. The novice grid was large and most were on the same pace.

I got my typical bad start, and had to pick off 5 positions in the first lap to get up to the leaders. A ducati rider and I reeled in Michael Aquino (younger brother of the phenom Tommy Aquino). Once we past him I decided to settle in and show him a wheel here and there. After 5 laps of constant pressure he started to make mistakes and eventually ran off the track. (no crash, resumed behind us)

I noticed that Michael Aquino was right on my tail but not passing. I figured he was waiting for the end. With 10 laps to go I slowed up a tad and settled down.

Sure enough with 3 laps remaining Michael passed me and tried to check out. I left him get about 50 yards then settled down to pace him.

When the white flag flew (last lap) I threw the hammer down and reeled him in by the bus stop. Right on his heels entering Riverside (long 100mph+ knee down sweeper) I swung around him, then blocked on the passing line in Lost Hills and Mazda. He came inside me on Sunset but I squared the corner off and beat him to the finish line by 1/10th of a second.
Tags: motorcycle, racing

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