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Yesterday I woke up at 7:30am with a work-related call. Worked for 8.5 hours, then jumped in the shower before Jade showed up. jadecat9 arrived while I was still toweling off.

We drained jadecat9's oil, figured out how to replace the old-style filter, then took a peak at her clutch. It didn't look like the plates had EVER been changed, and the second plate inside had that blue cast from burning/slipping clutch. We jumped on my bike and rode into the city to pick up replacement friction and steel plates, then swapped them out and tested the bike. (Then pulled off the cover and did it again because I forgot to match up the clutch arm to the clutch bearing)

Just as jadecat9 was packing up to go home, Dave arrived to deal with Pantheacon CMS issues. I made him watch me eat at my local Mexican dive because I hadn't eaten all day, then we spent until 11:30pm talking about CMS in general and PantheaCon and Ancient Ways sites in specific.

I dropped Dave at the Bart, and returned home to do the day-job maintenance, which was a major authorization system re-implementation. Thankfully this went according to plan, so I was able to stumble away from the computer and over to my bed just before 1am.

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