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I'm starting to feel like I'm not only not succeeding, but perhaps downright failing to make the changes I want to make it my life.

Short of STOP! and just checking out for a week or two, I'm really not sure what to do.

Even without caffeine, I still stay up way too late at night and don't get enough sleep. Changing my sleep schedule doesn't help, because I'm wide awake by 8am each morning. I still push myself too hard, then get depressed and fail to follow through enough to succeed.

Let's see how this works:
1. Set a lot of (too many?) goals
2. Struggle to get them all done.
3. Get frustrated, depressed and take time off to chill out
4. Rinse, repeat.


The really weird thing is that I honestly don't think I'm setting too many goals any more. I've done a great job of reducing how much I take on these days. I'm really not sure how I could pull it back without just becoming a couch potato.

And I *really* need to succeed at some of these goals, like getting to the gym more often.

Honestly, I'm starting to wonder if I need to just establish a fixed schedule for my life and cut out everything that doesn't fit within it. Mon-Wed-Fri go to gym after work, Tue-Thu-Sat, hang out with a friend, Sunday clean house. Or something like that. Just LOCK up until I find some piece...
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