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Snoopy Happy Dance

Yesterday we circled around Santa Rosa looking for a unique (non-chain) breakfast joint and wasted lots of time. As it was nearing 3pm we gave up and ate at a small chinese buffet place.

Then we went to the Charles M. Schulz museum and witnessed the many variations on the snoopy happy dance. Last of all, we stumbled over to the Warm Puppy Cafe for a Peppermind Patty (hot chocolate with peppermint) and a Pigpen Sunday (vanilla and pumpkin ice cream with caramel). And slapped ourselves over our collective heads for failing to stop here for breakfast, as they clearly had bacon and eggs and such, and we passed by it nearly a dozen times.

We watched the skaters on Snoopy's Home Ice, and España even toyed with the idea of going out for fun. I was all for that, but by the time I found the pricing they had just closed the open session for hockey practice. So sad.

We broke from our vacation mode and saw A History of Violence at a small local theatre, then walked around downtown checking out various joints. España dragged us into a small pub playing live Rockabilly music, and we watched various drunk people get real silly.
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