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I failed. Uh... I succeeded! uh... I dunno?

At first I would say I had a great weekend. I never got stressed out, even when my superstock bike failed randomly and I missed two sessions before we found a detached ignition ground. I felt good, I enjoyed myself, and we slowly got both bikes suspension set up and working well.

Then my races this weekend went pretty poorly. I had a bad start, then lost 3 positions to finish next to DFL in my first race. My second race was an even worse start (DFL into turn 1) but I made up a number of positions and finished within reaching distance of (I think) the lead novice in the race so ... just shy of a Top Novice trophy.

I really didn't start racing until my third race. I had a good start, then got held up in turn 1, dove tight and fast into turn 2 and picked up a half dozen positions between 2 and 3. Then I put my head down and pulled in and passed another 5 people before the finish.

That said, my results were downright piss poor. My fastest lap on Sunday was only 3/10ths of a second faster than I've ever gone at Buttonwillow before. Given a rebuilt motor and +10hp plus a much better front end, I should have been able to do this pace easily and beaten it by 3-4 seconds with ease.

So... yeah, I sucked. Never got my head out of my tail long enough to look around and go fast.

But after I got home, had a glass of wine and was thinking it over I remembered something. My goal this weekend was not to win a race. My goal was to have a good time and stay upright.

So I dunno. I succeeded. Or failed. Or something. Right now, with current life priorities as they stand, I think I'm going to call the lack of stress a success.
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