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Jo Rhett

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Need to do a better job of managing my Todos

When I get home from work today I have to

1. Bleed the brakes on the new GSXR front end of the 650 Superbike

2. Replace the fairing bracket on the 650 Superstock

3. Drill holes, mount the new skins to the 650 Superstock

4. Pull the wood motorcyle mount from the van, measure and redrill it for carrying the two bikes properly.

5. Load everything into the van to leave at 5am.

Then try to get enough sleep to not be drowsy when I leave at 5am for the track.

This is stressful, but it's entirely my fault for not getting more done sooner this week. (not that I didn't have enough/too-much to do, just that I didn't get it done as well)

Stress makes this be "not fun". I need to stay on top of this stuff and keep it fun.

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