Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Rasputina and Siouxsie

I bought the tickets, and luckinspades got there early and held us a place in line so we got front-row access. We opted for front row in the boxes above the stage (relax, sit, enjoy) instead of front row on the ground floor (get crushed).

I'd never seen Rasputina before, and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. As they were the opening act they only did 8 songs, and it seemed way too short for me. I'm going to buy that CD.

Siouxsie... Siouxsie... it's been 20 years since I saw Siouxsie Sioux live, and wow what a change. No, she looked FINE. In fact, she looks better at 50-something than the vast majority of her 30-something audience. She credits yoga and kickboxing. I credit that she was drinking water and wasn't stoned out of her gord, like she was last time I saw her live.

Unfortunately, the audience was definitely fans of the Siouxsie of old and the smell of weed was overpowering. luckinspades was suffering quite a bit from that. I ended up using Ability to bring fresh air, something I haven't had to resort to in a long time.

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