Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Most romantic day EVA...

Friday we woke up late and refreshed. Wandered up the bay to a cute little town called Bucerias. Had a wonderful breakfast sandwiched between two pairs of beautiful, huge parrots (pictures coming soon). Wandered down the beach and around the flea market.

Returned to the resort for a quick nap, then treated ourselves to a Mayan Mud Bath. Cleansed, we headed off for dinner. Bailed on the recommended place and wandered across the street to an Argentinian Steakhouse. The service was personal and spectacular, luckinspades was amused by Geckos crawling on the walls and ceiling (pictures later).

As we were sharing desert a large flight of bats flew overhead. Nearly 30 seconds of leathery wings flapping and sharp cries. We were thrilled.

We retired down to the beach and shared a couple of risque-named cocktails before returning to the room around 2am. Tomorrow we pack up and leave, sadly.
Tags: vacation

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