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How Denvention can help with the situation.

I've done a lot of complaining already, so I figured I would offer some useful thoughts. I don't know if this is possible, but it's really the only thing that can help with the situation.

Right now, to try and get a room that is useful for active participation (ie full costumes, parties, etc) it basically means calling the hotel every couple of hours for the next 8 months in hopes of capturing a room reservation. In short, if you work full time and do anything besides sit around all day, you won't get these rooms. Trust me, I just went through this with Furcon.

If Denvention hotel staff were to create a waiting list of people who want rooms in a nearby hotel... and ask the hotel to give them access to the cancelled registrations...

... if so, it would make it possible for some of us to attend.

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