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Conventions are supposed to be fun.

Last year I decided to prioritize conventions over racing, and I had plans to do this again in 2008. But right now I'm so annoyed and stressed out that conventions seem like anything but fun.

If luckinspades hadn't done so much work on costumes for this convention, I'm ready to bail and just spend the weekend actually having fun. The stress surrounding it isn't worth it.

I was really looking forward to Denvention this year, and now attending is clearly impossible. The hotel room block sold out in less than 48 hours and BEFORE THEY EVEN OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED IT. So much for signing up for notifications, didn't do me a damn bit of good.

Sorry, but conventions simply aren't worth signing in every hour of the day to find out what the status of this or that is. Zero notice before the room block sells out isn't acceptable. That's not fun. That's not enjoyable. That's active, directed mismanagement at the highest level.

So no, I'm not attending Denvention this year. In fact, everything after Costume-Con is open to debate at the moment, even though I have reservations for everything else this year.
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