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E*Trade is bug-a-licious!

So I just tried to set up an E*Trade account. You know, E*Trade. The company that does online trading. Their website is the foundation of their service, right?

In just 5 minutes I found 14 bugs in their service. Broken links for adding services or options were just the least of it.

1. You set up the account online, but you can't transfer money into it until you validate it. The links to validate it say that you don't have an online account.

2. It turns out that you need to "internal setup" to complete before you can validate it. No mention of this.

3. You are supposed to wait for an e-mail from them with your account number, and use that account number to validate the account. But the e-mail only contains the last 4 digits of your account number. You have to call them to find out the full account number.

4. You created a new username for this account, and when you're done you are logged in. But no mention of the account you created. You have to manually link your username to the account you created (with that account number that you weren't provided with)

This is the worst UI I have seen in years. Is there any Q/A testing at all?
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